Maximum tension in Porto: arbitration complaints and assault on a journalist

The reporter attacked in Portugal after the Porto draw.

The Port They are second in the Portuguese league standings and from around the dragons team they have exploded against the referees, especially after Monday’s match against Moreirense that was tied at one, a result that Porto considers unfair.

“The classification of the League is a lie. An indisputable penalty was left without whistling, in line with what had happened before and with what would happen later, “the dragons complain in the club’s official newsletter.

But the tension is not only in the words, and it is that a TVI cameraman was attacked at the end of the game by a man who wore the official Porto crest.

However, the president of the entity, Pinto Da Costa, He personally called the director of the chain to apologize and condemn the action.

“President Pinto da Costa called me a few minutes before I entered this study to show solidarity and also condemn any act of violence, this one in particular. He also wanted to make it clear that this man did not belong to FC Porto because he was not part of the club’s team. He did not attend the game at the invitation of the club. This was the version that Pinto da Costa just gave me, “said Anselmo Crespo, director of information for the aforementioned chain.

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