Massive fight in a football match in Seville ends with more than a dozen injured

Moment of the fight between the two teams in Seville

The football stadium San Sebastián de Villaverde del Rio (Seville) has been the scene of a massive altercation and a violent fight between players of the Sports Union of said locality and Athletic Olivarense, events in which many spectators also participated, with the result that between ten and 15 people were injured.

Sources of the unified service 112 of Andalusia have informed Europa Press that in relation to said altercation, at 20.10 hours they would have received notices regarding a situation of “excess capacity” in the stadium, for example there would be parts of the stands “full” of spectators to contemplate the encounter between the Villaverde Sports Union and the Athletic Olivarense.

Already at 10:15 p.m., according to 112, several people warned that the soccer game had led to a fight between players from both teams, which had been joined by spectators of the meeting, with the throwing of fences and chairs and agglomerations of people involved in the massive fight, failing at all times the essential precautions against the spread of the coronavirus.

Some alerters even reported that local fans were preventing members of the visiting team from leaving the facilities, prolonging the situation beyond the 23:00 curfew. The alerters reported between ten and 15 people injured, some of them with bleeding and impact injuries, all these people being evacuated by the means of their colleagues or friends.

Different videos circulate about the altercations whose images speak for themselves, showing a large group of young people locked in a scuffle between screams and the throwing of objects such as a construction fence.

The Villaverde Sports Union has indicated in this regard that for the match, it was “perfectly controlled the capacity and the safety regulations, with 50 percent of the limited capacity” and a “scrupulous control of the fans present in it”, an end that according to the club was verified by security forces half an hour after starting the game.

In the presence of a large group of fans of the rival team, known as Ultra Olivos “, According to the host club, it was decided to limit the area set aside for them in the stadium, noting that this group “had already announced on their social networks prior to the game that there were going to be riots.”

The match was taking place normally, according to the Villaverde Sports Union, “until Atlético Olivarense scored a third goal and the players went to the area of ​​the stadium where the team’s ultra group was located,” whose members would have “invaded the field bypassing the perimeter fence without respecting the indications of the directive and controllers “.

The members of the aforementioned “ultra group”According to the host club, they began to “attack the UD Villaverde controllers with fences and chairs, resulting in several blood injuries among the villaverderos” and leading to “disturbances” and new “physical attacks between the controllers and management of the UD Villaverde “.

The club, in that sense, begs “tranquility and respect for all fans, because one thing is healthy rivalry on the pitch, and another is the serious incidents that took place” in the stadium.

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