Marta Torrejón marks ‘a Pedroche’ with the women’s Barça Champions trophy: totally naked

Marta Torrejón, naked with the Champions trophy

Win the club’s first female Champions of your loves is something that is never forgotten, and less being the captain. Therefore, in the changing room of the FC Barcelona all the soccer players this Sunday were exulting.

Not only for achieving the trophy, but for the way to do it. The resounding victory over a Chelsea that has the very same Pernille Harder, considered one of the best footballers in the world, among its ranks makes victory know much more.

The locker room party had it all. Music, of course, but also baths in champagne, hugs and photos to remember an unforgettable day. Possibly one of the most talked about is the one that starred in the very Marta Torrejon, one of the team captains. The veteran defender kept a promise: imitate the famous nude of Cristina Pedroche during the Filomena Squall. He covered it in his own way: the champion trophy covered just enough so that the image did not show, but rather hinted.

Many of her colleagues commented on the photo: “MVP”, “You’ve beaten the game”, “Oh my gosh” … And the most eloquent, a Jenni Beautiful who made it clear who this image was for: “My Pedroche.

At 31, Torrejón is one of the most successful Spanish footballers, with five leagues (one with Espanyol, four with Barça), eight Queen’s Cups (four and four) and, from this Sunday, a Champions League.

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