Márquez suffers an ugly accident on his return to Jerez

Marc Márquez explains that he is still in full rehabilitation. When he has not yet fully recovered from an accident at the Jerez circuit in July last year that made him miss the entire season, the Honda rider crashed again. He did it this Saturday. And on the same track where it broke a year ago. This is just his second racing weekend since returning to racing after nine months out and three operations on the right humerus.

The accident at the Spanish GP occurred during the first free practice of the day: the rider lost control of his Honda in the middle of Turn Seven and at high speed. Motorbike and runner moved at full speed through the great escape and did not brake until they found the inflatable protections that mark the limit of the circuit. Márquez, who struggled to his feet and left the track on his own foot although visibly dazed, suffers a severe cervical contusion, the MotoGP medical team reported.

Although the blow was not serious, after several explorations on the same circuit, the head of the medical services, Ángel Charte, decided to send the pilot to the Jerez Hospital for a control check. “It is perfectly fine, but after the first scan it will be good to do a CAT scan. It doesn’t cost us anything, ”Charte said in statements to DAZN.

The driver is expected in the next few hours back at the circuit, where the last free practice and qualifying session that defines the starting grid for this Sunday’s race must be held at 2:00 p.m. on DAZN.

The athlete, who returned to compete two weeks ago in the Portuguese GP, the third on the World Cup calendar, was trying to take it easy on the weekend. Especially after Portimao experienced a severe loss of energy after Friday’s workload.

Since that weekend, the one from Cervera had hardly done a few exercises in the gym. “My body asked me for a break,” he said this Thursday already in Jerez. The athlete continues to take antibiotics as a preventive measure after the fracture in the right humerus was complicated last winter by a nonunion with infection in the bone. Medication and lack of physical activity in recent months affect the pilot’s ability to recover. In addition, as he has not yet recovered physically – the fracture is healed, but he shows a significant loss of muscle mass – his performance with the Honda is not as desired yet. His position on the bike suffers, especially in the curves to the right, and he still needs more kilometers to regain his rhythm. “I feel at times that I lack power in my arm, in my triceps, especially, which is the muscle most affected by the operation, and also in my back,” he said this Friday after the first MotoGP training sessions.

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