Markus Kraetschmer asserts: FK Austria “currently has no 78 million euros in debt”

In the second instance, FK Austria Wien received the longed-for Bundesliga license for the coming season. This was made possible by the “Friends of Austria” investor group. For the chairman of the board, Markus Kraetschmer, one thing is certain: “There is no time to take a deep breath.”

“The relief is great, the efforts have been rewarded. But we know that there is a lot of work ahead of us. We have to arrange the successor to Peter Stöger, we have to plan the squad for the coming season. These tasks concern us from now on,” said Kraetschmer in an interview with the default.

When asked why it didn’t work out at the first attempt, the 49-year-old revealed: “We were also well prepared in the first instance and convinced that we could do it. We were aware that there could be financial conditions. That But then such hard evidence for the profitability of the future is required, was a surprise for many in the club. We have now submitted what was necessary – and received the license without conditions. “

“The last week has proven that the term” Austria family “is not an empty phrase. Many people took the initiative. We experienced solidarity and solidarity. Basically everyone inside and outside the club agreed: Austria Wien must be in the Bundesliga Stay. Especially in such a difficult phase you draw strength from support. Then you can go the extra mile, “added Kraetschmer.

It remains to be seen whether Kraetschmer and Austria will continue to work together in the future. “I have to concentrate on my tasks, we have to secure and shape the future for Austria. We have focused fully on the license in the last few days. Yes, I am criticized and I am happy to face any fact-based discussion. But what is more important is that we all want Austria to develop in the right direction. I have also made my contribution to this over the past few days and years, “said the managing director, whose contract expires at the end of June.

“It says, status today, no seven up front. But it is also clear: In order to be able to operate our infrastructure permanently, you have to reach a certain level. You need sporting success, the European Cup, the transfers. to finance the operation “, affirmed Kraetschmer.

There are several variants for the budget for the 2021/2022 season: “In the cautious variant, the budget is 24 million euros. For the entire club, mind you. This includes the Young Violets as well as the women’s team and the academy. We count in the new season with spectators in the stadiums. “

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