Marcos Llorente and Koke take their ‘magic’ mattresses to the national team: “It envelops you and isolates you from radiation”

Luis Enrique, Koke and Marcos Llorente, in a training session for the national team

They say that you don’t sleep in any of your own beds, and that’s why Koke Y Marcos Llorente placeholder image they have decided that this will accompany them in the next Eurocup. Literal: they have taken their mattresses to the concentration of Las Rozas, although they are not common mattresses.

These are special ones, whose fabric and treatment prevent radiation and electromagnetic fields, or that is the justification that their manufacturer uses to cost 30,000 euros. Either because they really have those properties, or by pure suggestion, the fact is that the two players of the Atlético de Madrid they assure that they rest much better with them.

“We rest well in our bed at home … and everything that is to recover well, welcome,” admitted Koke in the press room. Later, Llorente explained a little more in an interview in ‘The Great Match of COPE‘.

“When I found out that I was summoned and the number of days that we were going to spend, I spoke with the national team in case there was a possibility (with the Covid issue I did not know if it was possible), they said yes and I did not hesitate to take the bed”, counted. According to the midfielder (or side, how are you going to put Luis Enrique), ensures that you sleep better with them. “I have not had sleep problems, but there are people who have and when they sleep in this bed, they rest better, sleep more hours and they make deep sleep more durable “.

Specifically, this mattress “envelops you and isolates you from radiation and fields, the radiation you consume all day, and when you get in there, you release all that and get a better rest.”

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