Marcelo’s odyssey to be at the polling station on Tuesday and at the Champions match in London on Wednesday

Marcelo, against Chelsea

Marcelo vieira will have a hectic week and not only because of the vital matches that the Real Madrid. On Tuesday he will have to be contactable and available from 8 in the morning to go to his electoral college, where he has been selected as a substitute for elections to Madrid’s community.

The electoral law is firm. Unless justified cause, even if it is constituted with its holders first thing in the morning, Marcelo must be contactable to attend to substitute the members of the table at any time of the day in the event of a possible indisposition. That prevented him, a priori, travel to London with Real Madrid for the last training before the crash against him Chelsea.

The white club presented allegations before the electoral Board but did so after the deadline, so the appeal has been rejected. The anger of Real Madrid It is remarkable, since they understand that Marcelo’s case is similar to that of other footballers to whom something similar happened, but they resign themselves. In fact, Zidane confirmed at the press conference prior to the duel with Osasuna that the Brazilian will be available on Wednesday.

Marcelo’s day on Tuesday will be, in any case, unusual for him. At 8 in the morning he will go to the electoral college, and if the headlines appear, he will return home. There he will train as he can, pending the possible call, and in case they do not, he will take a private plane that same night or on Wednesday to travel to London. The cost of this flight, according to AS, will be assumed by Real Madrid and will be around 20,000 euros.

Although Marcelo does not spend his best football moments, the plague of injuries that the white team has in this final stretch of the season makes him an essential. The losses in defense (the last one, that of Carvajal) force Zidane to need all healthy footballers, even some like the Brazilian who are in clear decline.

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