Marcelo skipped the perimeter fence to go to Valencia with permission from Real Madrid

Marcelo, during a training session.

The photos of Marcelo and his family walking along the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia They will cost him, at the very least, an administrative file from the Generalitat, since he did not have permission to enter the community due to the perimeter closure to which he is subjected.

Although Marcelo did not do it in bad faith, the truth is that he committed an infraction according to the established rules right now … although he did have permission from his club. As reported by COPE, the Real Madrid allowed the Brazilian going to the coast for “personal matters”, which turned out to be a family weekend.

Marcelo and his family did not hide, far from it, since they assumed that they were not doing anything wrong. That caused the surprise of the pedestrians, who met the footballer and recognized him.

Some even took photos with him.

Marcelo and his family have violated Decree Law 11/2020 that establishes the sanctioning regime against non-compliance with the measures to combat Covid-19. It is an administrative punishment and you will have to pay a fine of between 60 and 600 euros.

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