Marcelo has to be at a polling station and it is doubtful for the return against Chelsea

It was Marcelo’s turn in the draw on April 5 to be part of a polling station in the regional elections in Madrid next Tuesday, May 4, according to what he announced. The world and has confirmed this newspaper. Since then, the club has been working to try to free the footballer from this assignment, since the next day Real Madrid must play the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea in London, at 9:00 p.m. at Stamford Bridge . If none of the resources prosper, as has happened until this Wednesday, Marcelo could not travel on Tuesday in the team’s expedition.

Madrid has taken steps with the Electoral Board, which has answered that the player must go to the polling station on Tuesday, since that would not prevent him from traveling the next day, for example, in time for the game. However, at the club they argue that the footballer’s work does not only take place on game day, but also includes traveling on Tuesday within the team’s “health bubble”. For this reason, they have also begun negotiations with UEFA to help them support the case that he must travel with the rest of the expedition and therefore cannot participate at the polling station.

UEFA protocol for this season of matches it does not expressly contemplate the need for these bubbles, although it advises them: “It is strongly recommended to travel to UEFA matches on charter flights. UEFA reserves the right to make it a mandatory condition for certain competitions. In all other cases, commercial flights can be used with additional precautions ”.

Either British Government protocol it requires a joint transfer of elite athletes, whom it exempts from the mandatory ten-day quarantine established for foreigners entering its territory. In addition, if they are going to be less than two days, as would be the case with Marcelo if he participates at the polling station, he would not even need an extra covid test once in London.

Spanish legislation provides for releasing from their obligation to participate in a polling station to “professionals who must participate in public events to celebrate the day of voting, which are scheduled prior to the election call, when the interested party cannot be replaced and the non-participation of the same forces to suspend the event, producing significant economic damages ”.

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