Maradona’s ex-partner denounces the lack of medical attention before his death: “I want to see all of them imprisoned”

Diego Armando Maradona.

Veronica Ojeda, former partner of Diego Maradona and mother of Diego Fernando Maradona, and his current partner, Mario baudry, legal representative of that son of the soccer star, denounced that the world champion he did not receive “not even the minimum” medical attention in the days prior to his death.

“They knew that at some point this was going to happen, everything got out of hand now. They didn’t think that at that moment they were going to die. I want to see them all in prison.”said Ojeda in a documentary produced by the channel All News, in which he criticized the care that Maradona received in the weeks before his death, which occurred on November 25, 2020.

When they wanted to see him well, they came a day before and gave him serums so that he would be well suited if the next day he had to sign something. If not, they would throw it away as it was and left it with ‘Charly’ drinking wine, “added Diego Fernando Maradona’s mother, 8 years old.

Baudry added that if the soccer star “had been in any other house, today he would be alive”.

“From the file it appears that, With minimal attention, Diego would be alive today. He did not have the slightest attention, there was no element to attend to him nor did they treat him with affection, they left him lying in the room. In the case it arises that they drug him to sleep and get rid of him, “explained the legal representative of one of the children of ‘Pelusa’.

In the same documentary appears Lucas Farias, the first policeman to enter the home where Maradona was serving a home stay

It didn’t seem like a home stay, it seemed commonplace. It seems to me that a person in a home hospitalization has more elements, which there were not there, “he said.

Colin Campbell Irigoyen, a neighboring doctor who arrived to assist Maradona before the ambulances did, said that he found the ex-footballer lying on the bed, a guard giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a nurse giving him heart massages.

“As soon as I enter I ask them how long he has been like this, lying down and without vital signs. It will have been 10 or 15 minutes until the first ambulance arrived with the elements, with a defibrillator, a first-aid kit, an airway set. We managed to put an access road but by air we could not access. The doctor in charge of the ambulance tried to see if he had any kind of electrical activity, but he didn’t have any and we continued with the maneuvers, “he said.

In addition, RocĂ­o Soledad Frank, Maradona’s masseuse, said that in the last meetings she had “it was difficult for her to understand him” because “he spoke strangely.”

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