Manchester United hooligans invade Old Trafford and take the grass with flares

Manchester United fans invade Old Trafford pitch

Fans of Manchester United are not happy with the management of the equipment that the owners of the same are doing, the glazer family, and his patience is increasingly at the limit. So much so that a group of team supporters have invaded Old traffordThey have taken over the grass and even fired flares towards the box area in protest.

Thousands of Manchester United fans gathered around the team’s stadium to protest against the owners. The match between United and Liverpool was scheduled to start at 17:30 (Spanish peninsular time), but about an hour and a half before a large group of supporters jumped onto the Old Trafford turf, causing a situation out of control and it has not yet been confirmed whether it will take place or be suspended.

The protest congregation was given by a few words from the United coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who commented that “It is important that the fans are heard and that we have better communication”. The team’s supporters took it literally and are making themselves heard before the game against Liverpool. “If there is any protest, it is important that it be in good manners and always in a peaceful way”asked the coach, who has not been completely heard in light of a flare thrown into the box before the match.

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