Manchester United beat Roma and set course for the Europa League final

Manchester United players celebrate a goal against Roma.

A show of Bruno fernandes Y Edinson cavani catapulted the Manchester United, which went back to Rome (6-2) and that put the English with a foot and a half in the final of the Europa League in Gdansk (Poland).

Fernandes and Cavani, with double goals and assists each, and Pogba Y Greenwood, with the icing on the fifth and sixth goal, they annulled some Italians who came to lead the score by 1-2 and dreamed of assaulting Old trafford.

United jumped into their field as in the old days, to dominate Roma, with the memory of that night of Champions League in which Cristiano Ronaldo and his band scored seven, in one of the biggest wins in the competition’s history.

United went down a step, to the Europa League, to commemorate the memory of the Portuguese with one of the best plays of the team throughout the season. Paul Pogba started, he went by the power of three players, he played for Cavani and he threw a wall so that Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese who now reigns in Manchester, would sting the ball in a sublime way before the arrival of Pau Lopez.

It was the dream start for United, but Pogba complicated the situation, with a hand that From Cerro Grande noted as a penalty. Pellegrini did not miss from eleven meters, although he was close to stopping From Gea, and Roma took a momentum that caused them to get ahead after half an hour.

A defensive mismatch left Pellegrini only unmarked inside the area, he turned around and put up a kill pass so that Edin dzeko, noisy neighbor a few years ago, pushed at pleasure.

The tie was going uphill for United, while Roma lost three players through injury in half an hour. Veretout, Spinazzola Y Pau Lopez they left injured, entered Gonzalo villar, Antonio Mirante placeholder image Y Bruno peres.

The one who sharpened knives was Cavani, who failed before the break when he missed a heads up, but prepared to become the star of the second half.

The Uruguayan started like a bullet. On the counterattack, he defined a pass from Fernandes to put the ball in the squad and the tie on the scoreboard. In an error by Mirante, who left the ball dead in a shot of Wan-Bissaka, made it 3-2. With twenty minutes remaining, he caused a penalty in a knockdown of Chris smalling.

Fernandes transformed it, distributing the doublets. One for the Portuguese and one for the Uruguayan.

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