Make a name

Cover of the book Arsène Wenger, The philosophy of a leader.

Making a name is difficult. “Arsène what?” London Arsenal fans wondered when their club decided to hire that French coach in 1996. He came from training in Japan – where he learned what determination is: the Japanese had a 100-year plan to become a soccer powerhouse. Before, he had signed a remarkable career at Monaco, with the League and the Cup included. It was not, a priori, a sufficient background to be the third foreign coach of the Premier. 22 years, 17 titles and 1,235 games later it is quite likely that any follower gunner the name of the French coach is perfectly known. And let him not know another Arsène other than the one whose last name is Wenger.

Arsène Wenger, The Philosophy of a Leader (Corner), is the memoir written by the technician. It is a manual on soccer, but it also has a certain guiding air for leadership management. With a mystical touch – he begins by citing Spinoza and Malraux – Wenger traces his journey from his origins in Alsace to his current position at FIFA as Director of World Soccer Development. Many hours of study – an economist by training, he was nicknamed the teacher– Audacity, passion, perseverance and a vocation to explore the human soul season Wenger’s career.

“What interests me is the game and the men, the moments of grace that football offers to those who love it and give it their all. The games won are precious memories, while the lost ones, the ones I fear to relive, continue to haunt me years later. What was he supposed to have done? What happened? My whole life oscillated between the love of victory and the contempt of defeat. I am a passionate man, and my passion does not fade ”. Perhaps there is the secret to give meaning to the life of a name.

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