Mailbag for Julian Nagelsmann’s move to FC Bayern Munich

Julian Nagelsmann is moving to FC Bayern Munich this summer. We asked you questions on Instagram – SPOX Bayern reporter Kerry Hau answered them.

gerryholiday: Why did everything go so quickly now?

Hau: The conversations went well. Julian Nagelsmann confirmed again at the press conference that he sat down with Bayern officials for the first time after the game between Leipzig and Hoffenheim. Julian Nagelsmann received a call from FC Bayern and then went to Oliver Mintzlaff, the managing director of RB Leipzig. Nagelsmann’s advisors got involved later. After the last Bundesliga matchday, both parties finally reached an agreement.

vincentjuessen: Bayern pay a transfer fee. When Yes, how much?

dh_habubi: Is such a high transfer fee justified for a coach?

Hau: I guess so. We’re talking about a top coach who has formed RB Leipzig into a top team. I think this is also an investment in the future. Nagelsmann is not a temporary solution and Bavaria wanted continuity in this position. The ethical aspect of this sum of money, especially in Corona times, can definitely be discussed. On the other hand, it also protects the coach, as the club now has to think much better whether to fire him again quickly. Personally, I think this is a just cause. Julian Nagelsmann is very young, he can still work for a few years in Munich and possibly he can also usher in an era at Bayern.

pippo_257: Does Bayern Munich waive a transfer fee for Hansi Flick?

Hau: You have to wait and see. The DFB has made it clear that they do not want to pay a transfer fee for Hansi Flick. But maybe there will be a friendly game between the DFB-Elf and Bayern Munich to generate income. Because we mustn’t forget: The DFB collects around ten million euros in television money for an international match.

x.stingl.x: What happens if Julian Nagelsmann doesn’t win a title in the coming season?

Hau: That would be a super disaster. In the end, Bavaria wants to develop in the long term and I don’t think Nagelsmann would be fired after a year. Contracts are always such a thing in football, but I don’t think that this collaboration will end after a year.

Hau: No way. In Leipzig it was agreed that no obstacles would be put in the way of Nagelsmann. Mintzlaff has assured that Nagelsmann behaved very cleanly and also informed Leipzig directly. Of course, this is a huge blow for Leipzig, but you had to expect it somewhere, even after Hansi Flick wished to leave.

lknpr13: Will Julian Nagelsmann take various employees with him and will one or the other player also follow suit?

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