Madrid take flight with Militão

Militao finishes to score his goal against Osasuna this Saturday in Valdebebas.

In case there were doubts about the symposia on football and encouragement, Militão credited them point by point. Inside the Brazilian, in Zidane’s broom truck for much of the course, the state of optimism has been declared. These are times of Militão, from this day on a double Militão. Two-area player. With pick and shovel on its own and spicy on the opposite. Against Osasuna there was no better local attacker. He put the visiting goal into orbit like no one else and he uncorked the game for Real when he had the hardest hit. Casemiro put the finishing touch with 2-0 and certified Madrid’s 19th consecutive game without falling. This Real to the limit, which is not easy for Zidane to sew, has a League and has Champions.

A 0-0 is not always two yawns. It was not on this occasion, in an invigorating match, especially in the first hour, with Madrid beating the drum of its entire regiment of riflemen. From moving to moving due to the squeezed schedule and casualties, this time Zidane deforested the midfield, turned into a halt without traffic, emptied without Kroos and Modric, of peace with Chelsea in sight. With the midfield sent to Blanco and Casemiro, Real’s providence passed through the attacking squad: Asensio, Hazard, Vinicius and Benzema. Several stocks for Osasuna, who went through times of overwhelm.

Before the break, the local team had already created a dozen alerts for him. All types. Shots by Hazard and Asensio. An enthusiastic shot by Casemiro from his field, two headers with a very bad grape from Militão … Two flights by Sergio Herrera prevented the white goal. Madrid was more interested in the ball being covered in the grass. Aridane and David García, visiting centrals, are big guys like antiaircraft batteries. Only Militão, in times of faith, was able to defeat them. Such is the peak moment of the Brazilian defender as a Real Madrid player that there was no comrade who left more footprints at Herrera’s ranch. Before the final goal, he added a volley to the underlined headers that almost went to Valdebebas heaven. Times of Militão.

Headline for the first time in three months, Hazard left his stamp. He’s for a shift in London. The Belgian, active and agitator in the first period, had a pulse throughout the offensive front, both to articulate the game and to light the last flame. Asensio was not far behind, who is better off a more centered, more panoramic position than seeing himself buckled to one side. Madrid flowed, not so much Osasuna, competitive and with a jaw, but gloomy with the ball. Arrasate does not lack good projects, with Moncayola and Javi Martínez at the helm. Two flyers with hooks that the Navarrese team did not find as it should. Too many balls of misdirection from the goalkeeper Herrera and the defenders.

It was difficult for Osasuna to focus on Courtois. Until the truce, it was Militão who was closest to the red goal. A dislocated pass to Courtois almost caused the joke of the night. At the end of the first act, that boar that is Chimy Ávila holed a header after Manu Sánchez’s center. But the Argentine had a boot left over so as not to be out of place and the VAR condemned him. Chimy, the starter, returns from hell after two brutal injuries.

He went down the Madrid ladder after the intermission. Less volume. Everything thickened. Hazard no longer unbalanced, who resisted 70 minutes. There were no traces of Vinicius and no signs of Benzema. Osasuna adjusted much better and moved Madrid away from its goalkeeper. Before the rojillo defensive squad there was no Zidane recruit who dared to air rivals, someone with a top hat. The French coach turned to another youth – Miguel Gutiérrez – and Rodrygo after having relieved Varane, with discomfort, in the truce. With Rodrygo he found a certain way of overflow. But the fireworks did not arrive by its route.

In the most stiff section of Madrid, Militão came to the rescue. Like Sergio Ramos. He pulled the pole, butted the pot. Then, Benzema, in his only sparkling maneuver of the day, assisted Casemiro, who accidentally scored on the rebound. Anything goes to continue in the dispute in the League, especially for a Real that ended dyed by Factory: Miguel Gutiérrez, Nacho, Arribas and Blanco, all with good marks. But now it is London, where you will have to graduate.

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