Madrid can not with everything

Madrid has nothing to spare. Nine squad casualties plus Kroos and Benzema’s starting bookings were too heavy baggage to eat up all of Getafe’s pie. He continues without losing, 15 games already, but the League is not for many draws. It was threatened at the back and above it unfolded slowly, pasty and dimly lit, without much trace of Vinicius, Asensio, Isco or Marcelo. The one who did not nap was Courtois, again a savior with several flying hands. Only he could deny an eager Getafe for whom the goal continues to be torture (he has the lowest record in the First Division: 22 goals, like Eibar).

Not even the whites had a final charge despite Benzema’s half hour. Rather, they ended up backward for moments while Kroos, substituted against Barcelona and Liverpool, watched the outcome from the stands, without warming up. Several young people did come out (Arribas, Blanco and, from the beginning, Chust). The result was an almost non-existent offensive state in the entire second half.

In the middle of an abrasive calendar, due to what he overcame and what awaits him, Zidane’s eleven was the assumption that, with the number of troops he has reached here, he does not have enough to cover everything. So, given the choice, the League is the tournament to rotate. In addition to the nine casualties (Lucas Vázquez, Carvajal, Casemiro, Nacho, Ramos, Varane, Mendy, Valverde, Hazard), the Frenchman saved Kroos and Benzema from the start.

He threw the noose to Mariano, Rodrygo and Isco, and mounted a defense that was a patch for a sequence of physical calamities in which one has been falling every morning. Odriozola had just been beaten four days ago at Anfield by a medium (Valverde) who had his foot like a boot. Marcelo had not been a left-back for three months. And Chust, as a youth squad, was the last option. The only certainties due to its recent trajectory were offered by Militão, which in 15 days has gone from shore to rebirth. These four, in reality, are the same ones that started the black night in Alcoy.

The game began under the Azulona music, which imposed its rhythm with the noise of the Bordalás style. As soon as he left the dressing room, the patch on the visitor’s rear was seriously compromised several times. In 10 minutes, Getafe had already had three very clear chances: first Chust blocked Mata, then between Courtois and Modric they saved the fort, and then Arambarri was only on the front that he sent her out. Cucurella, Aleñá and Olivera were hammering by the wings. A full-fledged start under white territory in the face of a rookie defense that was shaking.

Neither in the attack, Madrid found the thread to the game. Zizou had six attackers half-forward, plus Marcelo on the left, but the production was very poor. With Rodrygo embedded as an interior with Modric and Isco, the game was rough, a scenario that did not hurt Mariano. The youth squad does not want to know much about paperwork. His is a goal or not a goal. An offside by half an elbow took him away, after VAR mediation, and then it was Timor who left him wanting after a header from the Hispanic Dominican. That was the white attack until, almost in the intermission, he was able to link a play with meaning, finished off by Vinicius, the first sign of life for the Brazilian, who had gotten stuck with the fan with which he aired Liverpool and Barcelona. The Coliseum was not the classic. Neither without Benzema at the start nor with him when the Frenchman came out at the time of meeting the winger was seen.

Kill, to the stick

Despite the accumulation of offensive talent, no one was cracking at Madrid when it came to defending, but in creation everything was complicated. Not so for Getafe, who felt more comfortable, although they lacked the usual thing, the goal. Mata sent it to the post and Aleñá, like Arambarri before, found himself in such an advantageous position within the area that his shot ended up in the open field.

The quarter of an hour of thinking did not improve the life of Madrid, unable to break lines and, increasingly, exposed to losses and local discharges. In one of them, Marcelo was picked up in the middle of the field, and Courtois had to fly with a changed hand to avoid much greater evils for his people. The landscape did not like Zidane at all, who soon put Benzema and Blanco into orbit, another young man who debuted before the precariousness of troops. Arribas also came out, but the best of the visitors was still his goalkeeper. Another loss of Odriozola ended with the Belgian flying to deny the target to the locals. In Madrid, the only one who due to presence and performance was not due to circumstances was Courtois, but with that he only gave him to tie.

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