Macron turns the future of Mbappé into a diplomatic matter: “It is important for PSG and for the league that he stays”

Mbappé and Macron, during the concentration of the French team

The French President, Emmanuel macron, I would like Kylian Mbappé will stay in the Paris Saint-Germain for the good of the capital club and the French league, but understand that such decisions are personal and he has no intention of pushing.

“PSG is a great club that has managed to make it grow and I think it is important that it stays at PSG for the club, for the French championship,” Macron said this Thursday in an interview with the BFMTV channel, after having lunch with the national team players in Clairefontaine, the center where they prepare the Eurocup forty kilometers south of Paris.

Asked if he had asked the star of the national team to stay with the Paris team, he explained that I had not wanted to talk about the future of footballers, that they have to be focused, and that he will never push on personal decisions.

In any case, he noted that “he provokes the admiration of millions of French men and women” and that “when he is seen in the field, it is understood that he sees things that others do not see” and is endowed with “an intuition of the game. amazing”.

His praise for the 22-year-old Mbappé was not limited to his qualities as a footballer, but also noted that “is a good person” to whom his parents have formed in values ​​and who has shown to appreciate his country.

He referred to the fact that have been vaccinated against covid-19 and that he has made it public to incite other young people, which in his opinion “has an example value.”

Beyond his comments about the youngest of the team, Macron showed his hope in the chances of the French team in the Eurocup, although the group that has touched him is “extremely tough”.

He said that in Clairefontaine, where he went accompanied by his wife, BrigitteHe had seen the players “focused” and “serene”. Also that “Didier Deschamps is an immense coach, one of the best in the world”.

He assured that the French are proud of a team with players from very different origins who are “the face” and “the strength of France.”

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