Luis Ferrer, guilty of signing Mbappé for PSG: “My goal was to convince him not to sign for Real Madrid”

The French footballer poses with the number that he will wear for the Parisian team.

The former head of recruiting for the PSG, Luis Ferrer, explained in an interview for Le Parisien how was the whole process so Kylian Mbappé signed for the French team in 2017 and not for the Real Madrid.

“The transfer of Mbappé was made at lunch. Unai Emery gave Kylian his word that he was going to start at PSG. And kept his promise. Kylian was not quite ready for a Champions League game, but Unai had signed him up, so he made him play anyway, “explains Luis Ferrer in the Parisian environment. “I used to go to Monaco a lot to reassure the family with Antero Henrique. My goal was to convince him not to sign for Real Madrid, something that was not easy with Jorge Mendes involved.”.

Finally Mbappé arrived at PSG, among other things due to the fact that the negotiation was carried out by his parents and not by an agent. “What made the difference in favor of PSG was the sports project. If there had been an agent at the negotiating table, PSG would never have signed Mbappé. But since his parents represented him, money did not enter the scene, ”Ferrer asserts. “We were in the year of the World Cup, I was 18 years old and they understood that Kylian had to play. While the BBC was at Real Madrid”.

However, the player was not clear about his signing for PSG from the first moment, but had to be convinced that it was the best option. “He waited long enough. It was not easy. In the club they thought that the signing could not be done by the Financial Fair-Play. The signing took place on August 31 at the Hotel des Bleus in Enghien-les-Bains after a night of negotiations with PSG. We established a relationship of trust with the Mbappé family ”.

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