Luis Enrique, these are the ones who knock down the door of the U-21

Training of the Spanish team

The success of the Spanish team in that golden stage that national football experienced with the World Cup and the Euro Cups was the fruit of many years of work by the Federation and since then, Spanish football has turned to the development of the lower categories in order to seek more success in the long term.

A philosophy that, despite not having given any title at an absolute level yet, if it has done so in the subsidiary, where one selection stands out above all: the sub-21. The ‘Rojita’ has won three U21 Euro Cups, confirming itself as the best quarry on the continent since the absolute was proclaimed world champion in 2010.

The years go by, the players go by, but the successes do not stop and neither does the illusion to see these players give the big jump to the national team, as they have done in the last call for Luis Enrique Bryan Gil, Pedri and Pedro Porro. Three of the great bastions of the qualifying phase of the European that his already ex-teammates have started this Wednesday with a landslide.

Despite these ‘losses’, Luis de la Fuente’s team continues to have several talents that we will see later than soon with ‘the older ones’, many of them, starters in First Division that would be fixed in several absolute selections of European countries.

His projection and his football since he left FC Barcelona has only grown, thanks to his conversion from winger to winger. Now is the undisputed owner of the left wing of Getafe and the U21 who, in addition, captains. Despite having been called with the absolute in the previous call for Gayá’s injury, Cucurella did not debut, but the Barça squad already knows the way to go.

The ‘Rojita’ magician has an Andalusian accent. The Real Madrid footballer, on loan at the Milan, brings that differential touch that only soccer players gifted with a special gift have. This season in the rossonero group he is taking many stripes despite being only 21 years old and is another of the culprits that the milanista orchestra is sounding so well this year. In fact, those of San Siro, delighted with their performance, already work to acquire Brahim services permanently.

Another of the men who stand out in the three-quarters area of ​​the selection is that of Villar. His name may not be so well known in Spain, since in 2020, at age 21, he went from being in Segunda with Elche to signing for the Rome, where this season has earned a place in the eleven starter in the Italian team. However, since he reached the U21, his name has begun to sound more strongly based on great performances, such as the one signed in the European debut, with a goal included.

The Basque midfielder is another of the footballers who have a promising future and they know it well in the Real society, where this season has been done with a put in the core txuri urdin at 22 years just turned. Zubimendi is one of the players with less experience with the Under-21s but little seems that he will last in the national team if his growth continues at the same pace.

Your quality does not translate into the minutes you have at FC Barcelona he has in his club or in the national team. Riqui is one of the footballers who are most excited about the future of Spanish football, always providing a immeasurable effort both when pressing and supporting the creation of the game from which the whole team benefits. His short stature (1.69 m) and his thin complexion are reminiscent of Xavi, Iniesta and Silva, who did not need to be a physical marvel to be among the best midfielders in the world.

The defender has been one of the big reveals of the season making a place as a starter at Barça, taking advantage of the casualties in the rear thanks to his versatility to play both on the side and in the center. This has been his first call with the ‘Rojita’ but the azulgrana is predicted a promising future.

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