Luis Enrique: “The field has hurt us”

The national coach, Luis Enrique, analyzed the draw against Sweden and the great debate that has been generated about Spain and its lack of goal. “I think we have been superior against an opponent who knows how to defend very well. The result does not allow us many jokes and we need to win to go to the next phase, but we deserved to win. I feel bad about the fans and our players, but we have created many more chances for Sweden than rivals like Kosovo or Greece, “said the national coach, who complained about the state of the La Cartuja pitch. “I did not like how it was and I think it has hurt us. The players have told me, that it did not favor our game. I have asked and they have told me that it is due to the high temperatures. They have also told me that next Saturday will be better. I cross my fingers, “said the technician.

Luis Enrique referred to the Morata meeting, which missed a very clear occasion and received whistles from the fans. “My job is to think about whether to continue with Álvaro or to make changes. We’ll see. I am to count on the players who suffer and Morata brings us many more things than you think. The noise always accompanies the forwards. I think Álvaro has been very good and it has been a shame the clear opportunity he has had, which has gone by half a meter. That’s where the noise began ”, clarified the Spanish coach. “Morata has enough personality to endure all of this. I stay with the audience that has applauded him. It has been superb and I would like the fans to continue like this ”, he concluded.

Luis Enrique was quite sporty when asked about the time losses of the Swedish team. “It gave me a bit of anger, but everyone uses their weapons in the field. What we had to do is put in our chances and win the game. Anyway, we tried, we played well and we only missed the goal. I think the premiere has been positive and we have to continue. The goal only understands whether the ball enters or not. I have come to lose matches like this one ”.

“The grass was not good. We have already talked to the people who take care of it and there is not much time, but I hope it improves. The problem has been the heat ”, affirmed José Francisco Molina, sports director of the Spanish Federation. One of the players who was most critical of the environment was Koke. “We have made a great effort to win the game, but it couldn’t be. We have done everything to win this match and the only thing we lacked is for the ball to enter ”, admitted the Spanish midfielder, who was asked about the possible absence of a goal from Spain and whether that generates mistrust.

“No way. We are very calm. Many people do not trust us and that will make us stronger. The goal is sure to come, so we don’t care what people say. We have to follow this same line ”, added Koke about the doubts that the Spanish team is generating.

Laporte, who played in the center of the defense alongside Pau, was also very clear about the whistles that his teammate Morata received. “There is no doubt about a striker like Álvaro, he was not successful today, but the next one still scores three and shuts everyone’s mouths. This is a collective sport ”, clarified the central debutant in a European Championship.

Another of the footballers who moved well, especially in the first half, was Dani Olmo. “We are not going to Madrid happy because we had many chances, but we couldn’t score a goal. We have two more matches and if we win them we will move on in the tournament. So we have to go on and think about the next game against Poland ”, clarified the forward, who enjoyed good chances to score.

“Whether it’s Morata or another player, it won’t seem right to be whistled. We all need the support of the people and for the fans to be with the team, ”Marcos Llorente concluded.

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