Luis Aragonés and Simeone already ride together

Luis no longer walk alone. In athletic mythology he has found the ideal travel companion. Simeone is to the 21st century what Aragonese was to the 20th century. The two already share a tablecloth in the rojiblanco Olympus. Hand to hand. It is a conversation just between them. Yours-mine. If Luis spoke of the last ten games as the key to winning a league title; the ‘Cholo’ reduced it to five. And of the five he won four by the minimum (Elche, Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Valladolid) and tied one (Barcelona).

If Luis insisted on “winning, winning and winning”; Simeone is stubborn in game by game as tiresome and repetitive as it may seem. If Luis knew how to make the leap and evolve from the pure and hard counterattack game, to try to have control of the situation with a more combinative and positional game; Also Simeone, in this last season, has tried his luck with a more organized and associative football, worrying more about the ball than about space. He has even tried successfully to play with a long-range defense of three centrals and two full-backs, which was the tactical art that Luis mastered best in his early days as a coach.

Much in common between one and the other. It is not simply a question of games, victories, titles … That too. Is much more. It is feeling. Tradition. Influence. Charisma. Leadership. When Luis addressed his players, the red and white blood ran through the veins of those present. They all nodded and felt part of the harangue. She spoke Slippers. In the selection they also bought their idea. He arrived with his message where it had to go, although Ballack was not called Wallace and some were hallucinating with his motivational formulas.

Now, when Simeone begins his speech, his footballers become cholitos willing to carry out every last commandment, although some, at a certain moment, think to themselves that the ideal tactic when you win 1-0 is not always to take a step back, but forward. Does not matter. It is not discussed. Thus, the team has won two Leagues, two Europa League, one Cup, two European Super Cups and one in Spain.

A) Yes, to the SimeoneLlorente is not valid for Real Madrid, but it is valid for Atlético; Luis Suárez vindicates himself tearfully -21 goals- for his dismissal at Barcelona; Oblak becomes the best goalkeeper in Europe; Correa overcomes his heart problems and agitator becomes the title holder who opens the doors of the title to the top. Koke survives nine seasons in the elite …

A) Yes, to the Simeone, Atlético, a pandemic on the sidelines, has become an economically half-healthy club, which every year fulfills its objective of playing the Champions League and which from time to time is capable of breaking the domestic hegemony of Real Madrid and Barcelona. He and only he commands in the dressing room and, in addition, he has a voice and vote in the management of the club. Little is discussed when he gives his opinion, among other reasons because he is everyone’s shield. Of those above and those below.

This last season, tenth on the bench, has served him to pulverize some of the records of the past. Of victories: from Luis 308 to his 327; of titles, from the seven of Aragonés to the eight that he already adds. The mark of matches as a rojiblanco coach (612 by 527) is still in force in favor of the first, but observing the importance achieved by Cholo everything seems a matter of time. Luis and Cholo already ride together.

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