Lucas Boyé keeps Elche alive

Lucas Boyé was decisive, the man of the match. For his goal and the commendable effort to be the reference and the relief of his teammates who looked for him again and again to retain the ball and oxygenate the team. Elche held on to Boyé and did a dark, professional and seamless exercise in defense to reach and retain a fundamental victory against Levante to keep alive the hope of salvation, which is more achievable after obtaining the three points against the relaxed set of Paco López.

Life was going to Elche in the duel and it showed. Al Raise sports dignity and certify a salvation long announced days ago. Fran Escribá’s group, with the duty to positively manage the tension due to their worrying situation and to try to turn necessity into virtue. While those of Paco López with the idea of ​​processing the relaxation with decency and finishing the season as high as possible in the classification and, if possible, ahead of Valencia to get the honorary title of being the best team in the Turia capital. .

Elche took the game with the competitive seriousness that it required against Levante with players on the right foot, more playful and with less pressure. What resulted in an even clash but without the focus on the areas. Everything happened in the center of the field, with innocuous possession of Levante, with individual disputes in which winners and losers alternated without any significance in the game.

Elche was not impatient, he waited for his moment. And it arrived at half an hour, after a new lack of concentration granota, like those that happen in the last days. In a yours-mine de Clerc and Rubén Vezo, the Portuguese central defender did not hold onto the grass and suffered a slip that Lucas Boyé took advantage of to steal the ball into the Barça area and beat Aitor Fernández with a cross shot. The Estajonavista work of the Argentine forward turns out to be capital for Escribá’s team. His scarce six goals scored can be worth gold for the people of Elche.

What happened suited Elche. Protecting himself and waiting was his apparent plan, without complicating life in the elaboration, always looking for the defenders and green-green midfielders the direct hits to Boyé, who hunted everything, acting the Argentine pivot. The break came with the conviction of Elche that the script for the first 45 minutes was written to suit him. The final whistle of the first act sounded and Paco López remained seated on the bench while his collaborators discussed what had happened.

Levante took a step forward in the second act. Paco López waited little to give entry to Son, Melero and Dani Gómez, depth, criteria and goal. And Elche closed lines. And he was able to put land in the middle after a header from Tete Morente to a sweet center from Fidel that went to the left post of Aitor Fernández that he later removed from the goal line.

And in the absence of a quarter of an hour, the controversy arrived. Vezo was pushed out by Piatti being the last man. Finally the action was invalidated because at the beginning of the play the referee, Medié Jiménez, deflected the ball with his heel when it belonged to Levante. Later the granota were victims of misfortune. Dani Gómez’s left knee hit the studs of Gazzaniga’s right boot; the forward was injured when Paco López had already made the five changes. After the mess and the misery of Dani Gómez, there was nothing. A respite for Elche that is still alive thanks to Lucas Boyé’s goal.

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