Löw on successor candidates: “I haven’t been asked yet”

National coach Joachim Löw has not yet given the German Football Association (DFB) any tips for successor candidates. “I was not asked about it,” said Löw on Tuesday during his virtual press conference in Düsseldorf.

“It is also not an issue that I talk to the players here about the successor,” said Löw. “We have other tasks ahead of us.”

However, the 61-year-old advised DFB President Fritz Keller to take the team’s wishes into account when searching. He said to Keller, “it’s always good to listen to the team a little,” said Löw. The national coach will resign after the EM in the summer after 15 years.

Meanwhile, the German national team is contesting their first European Championship test against Denmark. The game will take place as part of the training camp on June 2nd. The venue has not yet been communicated.

The training camp in Seefeld / Austria is expected to start on May 25th, three days after the 34th Bundesliga matchday. To conclude the preparations, the EM dress rehearsal will take place on June 7th in Düsseldorf against Latvia. After two days off, national coach Joachim Löw and his team will move into the EM quarters in the “World of Sports” at partner adidas in Herzogenaurach on June 10th.

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