Lothar Matthäus criticizes the farewell announcements by Hütter, Rose and Nagelsmann

Record national player Lothar Matthäus has criticized the timing of the farewell announcements by coaches Adi Hütter, Marco Rose and Julian Nagelsmann. He sees this as the main reason why the sporting performance subsequently collapsed, sometimes dramatically.

“If Marco Rose and Adi Hütter hadn’t announced their departure early, the season finale in Gladbach and Frankfurt would have been completely different,” wrote Matthäus in his Sky-Column. As it was, however, “the team’s great confidence in the person who showed them the way was no longer one hundred percent”.

This is “bitter and frustrating in the end for two such great clubs”. Gladbach slipped out of the international places after Rose’s permanent move to BVB, and Eintracht has to be content with the Europa League after the announcement that Hütter Rose will inherit the foals.

According to Matthäus, this may be incomprehensible to outside fans, but: “A professional team is a sensitive entity. When familiar structures that have grown up here suddenly falter or even break apart, many players react insecurely and lose confidence and quality.”

A common goal “no longer exists, because the person who spent the daily route no longer feels like it”. In both cases, the players would have noticed “that it is obviously no longer important to the boss to work together in the next year”. As a result, the team spirit is waning.

Matthäus: Hütter and Rose have lost “reputation”

He could “absolutely understand the decision in terms of sport and personally”, and drawing a clause is not reprehensible. But he is critical of the time to communicate the separation in February or March. “The clubs have to think about how they want to prevent the goals they have developed from being destroyed in one fell swoop in the future.”

Hütter and Rose had “lost their reputation and sovereignty due to broken promises” and the public image had suffered. “The Gladbach, Frankfurt and Leipzig players allowed themselves to be pulled down too much.”

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