Los Alonso, history of the European Cup

From the five titles of grandfather Marquitos (1956-60) with Real Madrid to Saturday of grandson Marcos with Chelsea going through the final lost by Marcos father (1986) with Barcelona. The Alonso have taken another step in the history of the European Cup. They are already unique. Never have three generations of the same family achieved such prominence in the European competition par excellence, each one of them being in the final of the European Cup. The youngest of the dynasty, Marcos Alonso Mendoza (Madrid, 1990) did not play any minute in the decisive match against Manchester City (1-0) this weekend, but he started, played the 180 minutes, in the tie Round of 16 against Atlético, and was on the bench in the rest of the games except the first two (Lampard was then the coach). He is a champion in his own right.

It has not been his best year at Chelsea, in terms of playing minutes, but he is as proud of the title as any other teammate, with a special moment: his goal in the last minute against City in the Premier that resulted decisive for his team to be third and qualify directly for the next Champions League. This Sunday he traveled to Madrid with his parents, present in Porto, and despite the logical fatigue of a full night of celebration, he still had the strength to send a message to his father.

“I only know that the Alonso family has played seven European Cup finals and we have won six, my grandfather’s five and mine on Saturday. I still don’t know who is the only one who lost it … ”, he joked. Marcos Alonso Peña (Santander, 1959) resigns himself to the evidence. “Marcos is right, what am I going to do? Mine is irreversible. How could I not buy a plastic one … I would have liked not to have played that final against Steaua [con el Barcelona], but to have been champion. I played the 120 minutes and what good it did me. I would have preferred not to play, win and have at least one. As my son has now. Playing is important, but winning is more important. But I even missed a penalty! Maybe that’s why in Porto I suffered and enjoyed myself as if I were playing ”.

The final against Steaua. If he could, Marcos Sr. would erase that final with Barça from his memory. Nol forget. “He was lame… Well, he wasn’t fully recovered from an injury. But I made the effort I had to make to play. Everything went wrong, from where we concentrated, away from Seville, away from everything, in the heat of match day. We were dead. The bad thing is that they were worse and we were not able to beat them. A disaster…”.

About his son, a mixed recognition of father and ex-footballer-coach. “I have seen him suffer this season. With Lampard it was bad for him. I didn’t count on him for anything. One day Marcos told me that he was not going to let go, the other way around. He began to train like crazy on his own, regardless of what he did with the team. He had to be prepared in case things changed. And they changed. Tuchel arrived and made him the headline. He played against Atlético in the second round. Everything was going great, but he returned to the bench. He has not opened his mouth and every time he has had an opportunity he has taken advantage of it, as with his goal against City in the Premier … and now there he is the champion of the Champions League ”.

Grandpa’s toe cap. These days, more than ever, the memory of the Alonso family is the memory of their grandfather. He does know about the European Cup. Five finals, five consecutive titles. Paris, Madrid, Brussels (he was on the bench), Stuttgart and Glasgow. Marquitos, who passed away on January 6, 2012, the same day that Real Madrid turned 110, loved to tell battles of those European Cups in black and white. In his monologues his favorite was the first. This is how he told it. “We had to go to Paris and the other finalist was the Stade de Reims. We played in the opposite field and they took the lead with two goals. Di Stéfano and Rial tied. Hidalgo, who later became the coach, scored again and I was forced to make it 3-3. I came out with the ball from behind, gave it to Di Stéfano and went up. There was a shot from Marsal and the rejection came to me and I finished off with the toe… Rial scored the 4-3… ”.

That goal by Marquitos in the Parque de los Príncipes was always the subject of conversation among the five-time champions because of the times the protagonist narrated it. Di Stéfano always closed the conversation. “Luckily you only put one in, kid …”. At that time the prize for winning the title was 200,000 pesetas, and on Saturday the Chelsea players pocketed 400,000 euros each, divided between the semifinals and the final.

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