Llorente: “Whistles don’t help Griezmann or the team”

Marcos Llorente placeholder image has become one of the most important footballers in the world Atlético de Madrid to the point of earning a renewal a few months ago, which places him in the status that he really has within the rojiblanca booth. His 13 goals and 12 assists last season were key to the title.

A title that has now placed Simeone’s team as the rival to beat, although Llorente you don’t see it that way.

“For me we are not the rival to beat at all, I think there are other great clubs that will also be the rival to beat and in the end there are always four or five teams there fighting up and this year it will not be less,” said the Madrid player on ‘The spar‘ of the Ser string. “It may be before it is true that Madrid and Barça there were seasons that were devastating and I think we have managed to put our heads in there and fight, “he continued to illustrate with what happened last year:” I think the example is last year that in winter they gave us as champions, in March many people and there were two weeks left and everyone was giving us for seconds, so calm down and game by game ”.

For the midfielder, winning the title has sparked a hunger for more glory. “Obviously we are the champions of last year, that is not going to take away anyone, but on the contrary today that of having been champion in reverse … any team right now can beat you perfectly and from that we try to evade a little and to In the end, we want to compete for everything but we are also aware and I think that people are also a little bit aware that it is very difficult to win a league ”, he explained.

Griezmann still hasn’t been able to play at his level at Atlético


The Madrilenian recognizes that Athletic he’s got a lot of firepower, but he doesn’t think he’s very different from the rivals he’s going to fight for the title with. “Yes, we have a lot of players at the top who can make differences that can unbalance, we are a powerful team so to speak but we do not compare ourselves with other teams, I think Madrid and Barça They also have very, very powerful players at the top, very unbalancing, ”said Atlético’s ’14’.


The player has his feet on the ground. And, although he acknowledges that Champions It is the personal dream and of the club, he also knows how difficult it is. “We are going to try that if we did not think that we could win it because we would not compete, I think it is something very very difficult and we are aware of it, but the team wants to go match by match competing and try to go as far as possible,” he said.

He also had a moment of reflection on the situation of a colleague as Antoine Griezmann, of which he has no doubts that he will show his best level. “I think they are moments. The forwards above all live from the goal and there are moments that they do not fit in or that it is more difficult for them to score and then there are other moments that put them in all colors ”, he began by saying. “Of what there is no doubt is that Antoine he is a top player who is very important to us and that sooner or later he will end up scoring his goals helping the team ”, he said to explain that Antoine he is handling the situation well because he has been in football for a long time. “He is a player who is calm, he is a boy who thinks a lot about the team, hardworking and we all know him and we know how important he is to the team and we will help him in whatever way we can,” he said.

The player does not share that of the whistles to the players of the own team, although he respects that each one manifests as he considers. “They are things because they end up surprising a bit because well in the end the athletic people are very athletic and they have to understand that right now Antoine is a player of Atlético de Madrid and that those whistles do not help him obviously but neither do the team, in the end those whistles also affect the rest of us, “said the Madrid native.

“I, for example, when I’m on the pitch and I listen to them because I don’t like them obviously, you come to understand it because in the end the fans are free to express themselves as they want, but if you ask me I’ll tell you that I don’t like them and they don’t help neither Antoine nor the team ”, he asserted.

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