Liverpool FC – Throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark on a call from Jürgen Klopp: “It was a shock”

Throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark from Liverpool FC told how Jürgen Klopp first contacted him before the 2018/19 season.

“It felt really unreal, although I always dreamed of being a coach. But before Liverpool I mainly coached Danish Super League clubs,” Gronnemark told the Mirror.

The Dane, who already helped RB Leipzig as a throw-in coach, had previously received a voice message from Klopp. “I didn’t know it was Jürgen,” explained Gronnemark and added: “I saw the +44 number (UK area code, editor’s note) on the phone and didn’t know it was him until I heard it. “

The call triggered a lot in him. “It was a shock and unreal,” said Gronnemark. At the same time, however, he got the feeling that “this was an incredible opportunity”.

Around a week later, Gronnemark and Klopp agreed to work together in the Reds’ training center. Liverpool had often lost the ball after throw-ins at that time.

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