Liverpool FC – Richarlison reveals: Thiago did not accept an apology for a rude foul

Everton FC attacker Richarlison has revealed that Liverpool midfielder Thiago refused to accept his attempts to apologize for a rude foul last October.

“I tried to apologize to him on Instagram. He just took note of it. I said: ‘I’ll delete this message’ because he didn’t want to reply. In the end I deleted it too and he didn’t reply”, told Richarlison in a live interview YouTube with the journalist Thiago Asmar.

In the Liverpool city derby in mid-October last year, Richarlison was red-handed for his tough attack against Thiago in the 90th minute. For the former Bayern star, it was one of his first games for the Reds, after which he had to sit out injured for a good two months.

When Liverpool and Everton met for the second leg in February, the mood between Richarlison and Thiago was tense after the rejected apology. “He didn’t look me in the face and I didn’t look at him either. The game continues. He ignored the pigeon (Richarlison’s nickname in Brazil),” the 23-year-old Brazilian continued.

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