Ligue 1: The UNFP denounces “discrimination” targeting internationals outside the EU not released by their clubs

Glody Ngonda Dijon
The National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) on Thursday denounced “discrimination” targeting, according to it, the international players that the clubs of L1 and L2 refuse to release in order to evolve with their countries outside the European Union because of a possible sanitary septage on their return to France.

In a statement made public in the middle of the evening, the union of pro players, alerted in particular by “Seven Lyon players”, “understands their distress, shares their anger (…) and supports their approach after they have been notified of the ban on joining their national team”. UNFP calls on the state “to correct the shooting” by granting the same exemptions as those that will benefit “the players of the France A team and (of) representatives of the EU countries”, which are exempt from a “septaine” on their return to France.

For the trade union organization, “These decisions today testify to a discrimination that the French State cannot continue to bear and from which it must, on the contrary, get rid of it as quickly as possible”. The UNFP invokes in particular the “fairness of the competitions”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fifa has relaxed its rules for summoning players for the next international break, allowing clubs to retain their footballers if quarantine is mandatory on return.

The clubs of the French Championship announced Wednesday that they would not release their internationals brought to evolve outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, except for the Blues for the trip to Kazakhstan.

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