Ligue 1: Monaco cries, Lille laughs, the last moments of a stunning evening at the top of Ligue 1

At the end of a long calm evening, the last moments of this 28th day were decisive for Lille and Monaco. If the first found the flaw at the end of the suspense against Marseille, the second was surprised on the wire in Strasbourg.

What is a title playing? When Jonathan David will look in the rearview mirror of his season, perhaps he will remember that evening of March 3 when, at the end of a meeting closed twice by a Steve Mandanda on fire, he will have bent to twice the international goalkeeper in the last moments.

Two shots, two goals scored thanks to his sense of placement and his composure. And a victory snatched against Olympique de Marseille. And to think that at the same time, one of the main rivals had just fallen a few hundred kilometers away.

In Alsace, Monaco was to confirm its last outings. Untouchable for two months, the Monegasques walk on water and their opponents. Niko Kovac’s men have a starting team and another ready to come in from the bench. This evening faced with a formation of Strasbourg which drags its sentence for months, the task however looked like a trap. On a lawn as impeccable as a teenager’s room, the Southerners have skated for a long time. Without managing to gain the upper hand, without energy, Monaco tried but never managed to gain the upper hand over Kawashima.

Worse still, it was the people of Strasbourg who began to gain confidence after the break. The three changes Kovac made in the 60th as a kind of electroshock had no effect. The Alsatians gradually gained the upper hand. Before wearing a single shock in the last moments by Frederic Guilbert. At 20 meters, the former Premier League resident observed, armed and crucified Lecomte. But also all the Rock.

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