Liam Gallagher charges hard against Neymar for being a “dirty pool man” and an “embarrassing bastard”

Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, during his performance at the Bilbao BBK Live 2019 festival.

Liam gallagher was one of the protagonists of social networks during the match of the Manchester City against Paris Saint-Germain in the semifinals of the Champions League, in which the ‘cityzens’ came back taking a giant step to reach their first final.

The Oasis singer lived the game with emotions on the surface and overturned that tension in Neymar, star of the Parisians, who was somewhat absent in the semifinal and who complained about all kinds of kicks and fouls, something that the little Gallagher did not like at all.

The singer requested the expulsion of the Brazilian for considering that he is thrown, calling him “dirty pool boy“but it went further.”He’s an embarrassing little bastard“or”Has Neymar been snorting ketamine? Is teasing us”, Were some of the other pearls that the Gallagher dedicated in his social networks.

At the end of the meeting he also referred to the entire Parisian team, which finished with ten for the expulsion of Gueye. “Justice, filthy filthy“He celebrated after the comeback, adding that” some say it was a biblical night, amen. “

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