Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel: DFB boss Fritz Keller calls for relaxation

Before the federal-state consultations on how to deal with the corona pandemic, the DFB warned on Wednesday that the lockdown for the amateur sector would be relaxed. This emerges from a letter from President Fritz Keller to Chancellor Angela Merkel and various ministers, whose most important messages were published by the association on Monday.

Like other areas of society, football is thus lobbying before the talks between Merkel and the prime ministers.

“Our millions of players, to whom we want to give a strong voice, need a perspective, like all other active players from other sports. Children and young people have returned to schools, which is an important step so that an entire generation is not left behind,” said Keller: “In addition, it will be crucial that they are allowed to do sports together again. Responsibly, with a hygiene concept – as it has been proven to work after the restart last summer.”

Before the deliberations, Keller hopes “that sport will have the chance to contribute even more so that we can get through this difficult time together”. He is “certain that Chancellor Angela Merkel, like the state premiers, knows about the outstanding importance of sport and our clubs for society”.

According to the DFB, if the sports ban persists, the clubs are threatened with a decline in membership, a decline in voluntary work and a financial situation that threatens their existence.

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