Leipzig boss Mintzlaff criticizes Lauterbach and Corona politics

Managing director Oliver Mintzlaff from RB Leipzig has criticized the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach and the general corona policy. “I have to be a bit careful about what I say. Otherwise I’ll get into a situation where I apologize like Hansi Flick,” said the 45-year-old on Sunday Sport1 one-two Regarding the return of fans: “Although I don’t think he should have apologized when he said that Mr. Lauterbach has to comment on everything. I can only agree with him.”

In February, Flick referred to Lauterbach as a “so-called expert” and flatly accused politicians that dealing with the pandemic was more about voting than the concerns of citizens. The Bayern coach later rowed back and even spoke to Lauterbach.

According to Mintzlaff, the fact is “that the Bundesliga paid 1.41 billion in taxes last season. And that we are trying everything to ultimately get back to pictures where we have fans in the stadium again”. With regard to the current corona policy in the federal system, the RB boss complained that “nobody can see through and it is now tedious for us to come up with new concepts again and again”.

On Saturday, the third division match between Hansa Rostock and Halleschen FC (1-0) saw 702 fans for the first time since November. Meanwhile, Mintzlaff also emphasized that the Bundesliga had “shown in over a year that hygiene concepts work and that there has been no failure.”

He described the current situation as “very tiring” and made an appeal to the political decision-makers. He hoped, according to Mintzlaff, “that everyone else will do their homework in a similar way to the Bundesliga – especially in politics. And then at some point we will be able to open the gates again and then have fans in the stadium again.”

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