Lazio Rome – FC Bayern Munich: Voices and reactions to the Champions League round of 16

FC Bayern Munich clearly beats Lazio 4-1 in the last 16 of the Champions League and is as good as in the last eight. The voices and reactions of the lot from Sky.

… about the game: “Today everyone met the expectations. We showed a very good team performance, high ball wins and scored the goals early. We were very satisfied with that. The Champions League is something special, especially for our players. We wanted to be wide awake from the start. Everyone was ready and willing to do something special. So the win was more than deserved. “

… about the ambitions in the CL: “First of all, it’s about playing the second game. We are a giant step closer to the quarter-finals today, but in the end we still have one game to play.”

… about a return from Thomas Müller: “There are investigations going on. If the Doc gives the green light, he’ll be back. We’ll have to wait and see. Every day he’s here early, we look forward to him because he’s a special player.”

… about the game: “We managed to get ourselves into this mode, to give it full throttle right from the start. We had very good access in the early stages. So the way to goal was much shorter. That distinguished us last season and we did resolved to come back there. Today was a good first step in that direction. “

Hansi Flick (Bayern coach) …

… about his fitness: “I was pretty exhausted. There is not necessarily the corona disease that is in my bones, but rather the two-week training break. We have to see that I will be back in the coming weeks. That was the next step there, that I can go over 90 minutes again at the weekend. “

… about Jamal Musiala: “He was really happy that he was allowed to play from the start. We gave him the freedom to play and play his football. Jo and I tried to keep his back. He did well. His record goal is of course one nice minor matter. I would be very happy if he would choose Germany. “

… about the game: “We were there from the first minute, we wanted to set an example, play aggressively away and also show that we can be there from the first second. It was a tough game. In the end we were a little out of breath, but we did used the chances to score and played a good game. “

… about the strong first half: “Our coaching team pointed out to us that they would make mistakes at the back if we put pressure on them early on. It pushed us to have scored so early.”

… about the game: “If the penalty had been awarded to 1-1 it might have changed the game, but none of that went our way tonight. We can learn from this experience to grow and be stronger in the future. The disappointment in the locker room is there of course, but it’s a success for us to be here. In games at this level you have to give 100 percent, do everything right and hope that the opponents are not at their best. If you look at that, let’s talk about the winners of the Club World Cup and we scored three out of four goals for them. You can’t make mistakes like that at this level. The round of 16 was our goal, we would have loved to play against Bayern with our full squad. They too had Injuries, but ours were by and large more damaging. “

Leroy Sane (FC Bayern) …

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