Lauterbach considers EM games in Munich to be “medically unacceptable” in front of many fans

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach considers EM games to be ruled out in front of a large crowd in Munich in the summer. “If there are a few hundred or a few thousand viewers, then you can still imagine by and large. But if we are talking about 10,000, 20,000 viewers here, then it is not feasible. We simply have no test experience for that,” said the health expert dem SID: “We don’t know how dangerous that is. And then people also travel. I don’t think that’s medically justifiable.”

A guarantee for large audience numbers, as required by the European Football Union (UEFA) from the German EM location, cannot be given in times of the corona pandemic and therefore a wrong sign. The European Championship is to take place in twelve European cities from June 11 to July 11, the final decision on the UEFA Executive Committee will be made on Monday.

Lauterbach sees the plans as “very critical” and he considers the concept, which includes a lot of travel activity, to be “not responsible”. In addition, the politician criticized the behavior of UEFA, which is acting according to the motto “bird, eat or die”. That is not a “sporty and not a fair attitude”, according to Lauterbach: “The citizens want to see football as a role model, here the impression is often that the commercial aspect is even more important than the actual sporting aspect.”

If there were to be a game in front of many fans in Munich, it would “backfire on our corona policy,” said the 58-year-old: “Because the games begin at a time when we will probably still be in a relatively hard lockdown . “

Instead, Lauterbach considers it possible that the tournament cannot take place due to the renewed increase in the number of infections. “It may well be that you have to cancel the European Championship at the end,” he said: “If the number of spectators is medically unacceptable, then you can’t just pull it off.” He would “say that football needs more traction.”

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