LASK coach Dominik Thalhammer confirms: Interesting players at Austria

In the past few weeks, LASK has been associated with three kickers from Wiener Austria. Now coach Dominik Thalhammer speaks about the current rumors.

Austria striker Christoph Monschein is likely to join LASK this summer. Several domestic media reported this unanimously. The change should already be fixed – Monschein’s contract in Favoriten expires in the summer.

Now LASK has probably also put out feelers for the two violets Benedikt Pichler and Patrick Wimmer, they report OÖN.

LASK trainer Dominik Thalhammer wanted that too Sky don’t deny: “I can’t say that at the moment, there are interesting players there and we’ll see how things develop.”

Pichler played 24 compulsory games in the current season and posted eight goals and seven assists. Wimmer even showed his skills in 30 games across all competitions. His yield: two hits and five assists.

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