Lars Söndergaard reveals: “Wanted to bring David Alaba to Salzburg”

Today Lars Söndergaard is the coach of the Danish women’s national team. During his time at Red Bull Juniors, the 61-year-old wanted to sign David Alaba, as he now reveals.

Lars Söndergaard knows Austrian football like few foreign coaches. Söndergaard coached Austria Wien, Wüstenrot Salzburg, the GAK, Wacker Innsbruck and the RB Juniors.

Now Söndergaard shared an anecdote from his time in Salzburg. When asked about David Alaba, he remembers at laola1: “Yes, we wanted him! We knew that Frank Stronach would leave Austria and wanted to bring the best players from Austria. At that time the Stronach Academy in Hollabrunn was the best academy in the country. Unfortunately for Salzburg, but probably fortunately for Alaba and Bayern, he decided on Munich. “

The super talent at the time would only have been available if Red Bull had had a similar standing as it does today: “I think then he would have gone to Red Bull. At that time there was no perspective for the talents in Salzburg because there was no young man made it up to the pros. “

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