Lara Álvarez surprises in ‘Survivors’ with this announcement about Euro 2020

Lara Álvarez, in the presentation of 'Survivors 2021'.

The official song of the Euro 2020 on Mediaset will have the participation of the presenter Lara Alvarez, who will interpret it together with Beatriz Luengo Y Me you him. The subject in question is called Together we are more.

The presenter received the news of the officialization of the song during the last gala of Survivors. During one of the connections between the set and the island, Jorge Javier Vazquez He asked Lara Álvarez to pay attention to a very special song and then they played the young woman with the audio of her song for Euro 2020.

Lara Álvarez herself showed great joy when she heard the news, to the point of starting to dance, and it was she herself who announced that the song will be soon on all available platforms.

From Mediaset they already promote Together We Are More with a video in which several of the company’s well-known faces appear.

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