Laporta’s audit yields a conclusion: if Messi renews and they sign, Barça will have no benefit until 2023

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona

One of the first decisions you have made Joan Laporta and his new directive in the Barcelona was to subject the club to an audit. They did not trust the accounts presented by Bartomeu and wanted to check the real status. The result has been worse than expected.

As revealed by Esport3, the report has revealed that this season and the next they will continue to show losses in their accounts. It would not be until 2023, at the very least, when the benefits would start again. The audit has been done taking into account not only the current reality of the Blaugrana coffers, but two assumptions: let Messi renew, one of the great initial objectives of Laporta, and that it be carried out a renowned signing, well this summer, well the next.

With these two premises present, Barça is going to throw some losses around the 350 million euros this campaign, a little less the next one and it will not be until 2022/23.

Despite these figures, the board of directors is optimistic and hopes to stretch the debt that it drags to the limit, keep Messi and even make a transfer. That does not necessarily imply not making cash with other players.

Footballers like Antoine Griezmann or his compatriot Ousmane Dembélé, whose chips are quite high, can be placed on the starting grid to help make money and, incidentally, help slim down the salary mass that is already exceeded.

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