Laporta, when he was campaigning: “The Super League takes on the football business, my idea is a Super World Cup for clubs”

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona

The Real Madrid, the Athletic and the FC Barcelona are three of the twelve founding clubs of the Super league, the new competition that will break with everything established so far in the world of football.

Those who have been behind for a long time are their presidents, with Florentino Pérez to the head since it will be the ‘super president‘. In their meetings it will coincide with Enrique Cerezo and a Joan Laporta that, ironically, a few months ago it was not at all favorable to this competition with which its predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu, he very much agreed.

While he was campaigning to return to the culé throne, Laporta harshly criticized the Super League. “I believe that the European Super League takes on the football business. It is only a question of money. It is a very personal opinion, of what I have been seeing of what has been coming out, “he said in an interview in ‘The Great Match of COPE‘.

Laporta argued his idea, possibly before knowing in depth the economic benefit he could achieve for a Barça with the coffers shivering. “Not everything is money, because maybe thinking about winning a lot, there will come a time when you are going to screw up the essences of football, this beautiful sport that helps a community be proud of its team, so that there are relationships very pretty, “he says.

His alternative was “an alternative club Super World Cup every two years to the World Cup. “” Today I have not studied it thoroughly, “he admitted.

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