Laporta presents the endorsement to be president of Barça

Laporta, after winning the Barcelona elections.

Joan Laporta will be proclaimed president of FC Barcelona today (6:00 p.m., Camp Nou) after the Professional Football League previously validated the guarantee of 124.6 million euros, 15% of the budget (828 million), which was finalized late at night in a notary office in Barcelona with the guarantee of the Banco de Sabadell.

Some 15 managers who were already part of the list of the Estimem candidacy Barça, winner of the elections, will respond for an amount greater than 50 million – not all have the same resources – and the remaining 74 million will be covered with the contribution of new members of the board – between three and five – and businessmen such as Jordi Elías, president of the energy company Audax Renovables, whose amount would be about 40 million. Elías will not join the Laporta board because he does not have enough seniority as a partner to be a director and will delegate to his vice-president Eduard Romeu. Catalunya Ràdio It also reported that there are guarantor businessmen who will not be part of the council but will receive the interest generated by the agreed money as compensation.

The agreed formula has solved a critical situation after the resignation of Jaume Giró, who had designed and explained the economic policy of the candidacy and aspired to be vice president of the board once the guarantee was agreed, which contemplated an agreement with the Banco de Sabadell and JB Capital. The option of resorting to North American venture capital funds, which implied an interest cost between 5 and 7%, has therefore been ruled out after the arrival of Audax, whose annual turnover exceeds one billion per year.

The characteristics of the agreement demand in any case an exercise of transparency to know the considerations and characteristics of the guarantors, the amounts and the guarantees; It has transpired for the moment that Romeu could be the economic vice president of the Laporta board, elected president on the 7th with 30,000 votes, after the resignation on October 27 of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Once the endorsements have been validated, Laporta will be invested as late president for the second time after leading the club from 2003 to 2010 – the amount he had to endorse his candidacy in 2003 was 25.6 million. The amount has now become 124.6 million and the short-term debt of the entity exceeds 700 million.

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