Laporta obtains the endorsement ‘on the horn’ and continues his investiture at Barça

Joan Laporta, together with his board of directors, after winning the elections.

This Wednesday the deadline to submit to the League the necessary guarantees so that Joan Laporta can complete his return to the presidency of FC Barcelona. A process that has been about to be truncated by the series of events that have occurred since the scared of the one who was going to be the economic vice president of Laporta, Jaume Giró.

With the clock in countdown mode, Laporta’s team set to work to obtain the financing that was missing to complete the 124.6 million necessary to be invested, 15% of the club’s budget.

That financing sought by the Laporta board of directors amounts to a total of 75 million, which will finally be obtained from the renewable energy company Audax, whose vice president is Eduard Romeu, the one chosen to replace Giró.

Throughout this Tuesday the negotiations that concluded satisfactorily for Laporta and his board of directors in the early afternoon, at which point the final signature has taken place, according to the Catalan media.

Therefore, this Wednesday all the necessary documentation will be in the hands of the League and Laporta will once again be president of Barça after the investiture, scheduled for this Wednesday at the Auditori 1899 of the Camp Nou.

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