LaLiga joins the UEFA campaign to put the finishing touches on the Superliga: “Win it on the pitch”

"Win it in the field", the slogan of the UEFA campaign to protest against the Superliga

The Matchday 31 of the First Division arrives in the midst of the Super league, with the three Spanish founding teams still involved (at the time of publication of this news) and a meeting this Wednesday that, if there were an audience in the stands, would be a perfect thermometer to measure the fans.

The Cádiz-Real Madrid at 10:00 p.m. It will be one where LaLiga shows the campaign that was already seen in the Premier League and that joins the cry launched by order of UEFA to support the Champions League in front of the breakthrough project of the Super League. “Earn it on the field!” is the slogan of the campaign.

This is the institutional message, and it is expected that the 17 teams will do the same as the English and also take the field with shirts with that phrase.

“From everyone and for everyone”, LaLiga says in the campaign presentation video on the day that matchday 31 starts (matchday 33 was played the previous weekend for the Cup final and matchday 32 will be next) .

“Effort, dedication, passion of teams and fans. For a football for everyone and for everyone. Win it on the field! Football belongs to the fans”, reads the impression on the video, with the logo of the Champions League at the end, in which it surprises among other things a shot of fans in the stands when it has not been accessible for more than a year.

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