LaLiga describes the European Super League as a “secessionist and elitist” project

Javier Tebas during act supporting the Santander league for its return to competition in Madrid June 10, 2020

LaLiga returned this Monday to express its frontal rejection of the European Super League project. He called it a “secessionist and elitist competition” that “attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit”, adding that it is “a selfish approach designed to further enrich the wealthiest.”

“It will undermine the appeal of the entire game and have a profoundly damaging impact on the immediate future of LaLiga, the clubs that comprise it and the entire football ecosystem,” warned the body led by Javier Tebas. In addition, he warned that this plan will have an impact on the rest of the sports. LaLiga recalled that it contributes to them more than 126 million euros this season and, therefore, that the Super League endangers the contribution system approved in the Viana Pact. “We will use all the tools at our disposal and we will work with all the parties involved to defend the integrity and future of Spanish football in the best interest of the game,” he concluded.

In parallel to the position of the employers, some entities have already demonstrated on their own. The president of the BetisÁngel Haro, for example, showed his very clear opposition. “We are not in favor of a closed league that limits meritocracy and that, in addition, will mean yes or yes a cut in our television revenues. The example of Euroleague and ACB is clear. This is not a time for selfishness, but for solidarity in the world of football, “he said. A criticism that left a curious detail: Betis eliminated Atlético, Real Madrid and Barcelona from the classification of its official website, leaving Sevilla as the leader right now in the First Division; Villarreal, second; and Betis, third.

He too Cadiz, Real Madrid’s rival this Wednesday, joined the Super League’s censorship. He did so by fully replicating the statement issued a few minutes earlier by LaLiga. “Today fans can dream that their club, whatever its size, can reach the top and compete at the top. The proposed concept closes the door to the top of European football, allowing only the entry of a few to the elite, ”said the Cadiz entity.

Fernando Roig, the president of the Villarreal, which reached the semifinals of the Champions League in 2006 and was left with a penalty against Arsenal in the final, already positioned itself a few months ago in EL PAÍS, in a talk with Vicente del Bosque, against the Super League. “I do not see it. I am totally contrary. I do not hide. I believe in a well distributed Champions. With 32 or 48 clubs. With groups of six teams instead of four. Let there be more parties. Perfect. But you have to earn the sports right to be able to play it. You cannot close 16 or 18 clubs. Or 30. And leave only one little door open like the Euroleague basketball does. No. You cannot make a practically closed League. Soccer needs competition. The domestic leagues must be fully respected. There we have Atlético fighting for the title. To Seville, to us, to Real… We all want to grow. I do not see a closed competition viable. We are a very good League. You have to increase competition and create new projects, “he said.

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