Lack of control in the celebration of the Atlético players in Valladolid

Stefan Savic celebrates with Atleti fans after the match.

The emotion of a League defined with intrigue on the last day and marked by the absence of public in the stadiums overflowed when its outcome was known. Atlético de Madrid fans gathered next to the New José Zorrilla Stadium in Valladolid were carried away by ecstasy when the mattress footballers left the locker room and headed to the bus in which they were going to leave the field where they had been proclaimed champions.

But before getting on the transport, the players decided to go to the area where the hundreds of fans who had moved to Pucela had gathered. That movement definitively fired at the mass, which overcame police control and threw itself together with the soccer players: the lack of control. After a season of extreme measures against the coronavirus that left fans out of the stadiums, all precautions were blown up in an exalted jumble, without masks, with hugs, selfies, and Atlético goalkeeper Jan Oblak, supported by the rojiblancos fans, while the police officers displaced to the place tried to separate them.

The athletes did not wear masks and many fans dispensed with this protection when they cheered on the members of the squad, as they headed to the bus, in which defender Renan Lodi took the lead for a few moments. The players came out of the tunnel that leads to the bowels of Zorrilla, still dressed in their playing clothes, without having gone through the shower – in compliance, there, of LaLiga’s strict anti-coronavirus protocol – and they melted into a massive embrace without any kind of security measure with large groups of fans waiting for their idols to leave.

At that moment pineapples, jumps and chants were mounted, accompanied by the lighting of a red flare that dyed the parking lot of the Real Valladolid fiefdom with smoke. The Police, who during the development of the meeting had managed to contain the rojiblancos fans beyond an incident with a fence, was completely overwhelmed and it took several minutes to get back under control.

For Savic, Lodi and Saúl, among others, there came a time when it was difficult for them to get rid of the hugs from their fans, in which they were trapped, between selfie Y selfie, very far from the security protocols so careful in times of pandemic.

The images of the celebration were reminiscent of times before the health crisis, with fans without masks taking photos with the footballers, whom they hugged and held, while security tried to lead them to the bus.

The episode of incidents was starred by one of the young men, who suffered minor injuries when the agents acted to separate the groups, and another fan who burned his hand with a flare.

The complete euphoria provoked images like that of the uniformed men leading the newly proclaimed League champions towards the bus. The authorities also held discussions with several fans who were neglecting precautionary measures. The game, in anticipation of similar episodes, had been declared high risk, something unusual for a match that was to be played behind closed doors, like almost all of this season due to the pandemic. Like Madrid, Castilla y León was not yet among the autonomous communities where the figures allowed the public to be admitted to the fields.

In the hours before the clash, the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, had asked the Atlético de Madrid fans for caution, which had activated calls through social networks to gather around the stadium where his team finally proclaimed itself league champion.

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