La Roja before her graduation

Luis Enrique directs the training of the Spanish team in Las Rozas this Tuesday.

Without excuses. The moment of truth for Spain, for that coarse Spain of the first two games that must be played this Wednesday with Slovakia (18.00, Telecinco), 36th selection in the FIFA classification for which a draw would suffice. Not even that would serve the blurry Spain if Poland overtakes Sweden at the same time. It is the moment to calibrate if the trompicado transit of the Red one by this Eurocopa has been only a mirage or is its crude reality. Is there a basket for more or is there what there is? There are nuances to Luis Enrique’s list, but none thick.

There have been few Spanish hits since the last summit, at the Eurocup in Kiev in 2012. Brazil 2014 caused an unexpected multi-organ failure. The most enlightened generation in the history of Spanish football could not get down from the top on foot, but by rolling. Like rolling, all the versions of La Roja have gone since then. It so happens that for a time there were hot cloths after four years on the Moon. It is not the case. Successive Spain They have been losing credit in a jet. The dazzling team that was enthroned between 2008 and 2012 was diluted with past honors before the general anguish of the fans. The current panorama is different. This Spain does not fall from any summit.

Today, the disaffection is general before a team without a past and with a disturbing present. A team, for now, with little hook. A very scholarship group with a factory of footballers who are still gregarious in many cases, players who have yet to change their scale. A selection with substitutes in their clubs (Laporte, Rodri, Ferran, Eric García, Morata, Thiago and Sarabia). Or with recruits from teams in which the requirement exists, but it is not the case of the first international catwalk: Dani Olmo (Leipzig), Pau Torres and Gerard Moreno (Villarreal), Robert Sánchez (Brighton), Traoré (Wolves), Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad) and Diego Llorente (Leeds). Good footballers without a dynasty in the face of an unprecedented scenario for the vast majority, still little facile. It is up to them to rise up in the face of the adversity caused by the fiascos with Sweden and Poland. It is not a question of result readers. The tender Red has lacked everything even if she gave herself a useless palick with the ball.

Against Slovakia, a nervous rival but not Brazil, the challenges are varied: the football itself that they have not encountered as a floater, Slovakia, anxiety, the dismissal of the people. It is this group of cadets that will have to give a chest do to avoid a capital strike at this point in their fledgling career. It should not be forgotten that the format set by UEFA for the Eurocup is a golden bridge to reach at least the round of 16, with 16 of the 24 participants qualifying. Pending other results, in the event of a cataclysm, Spain would go down the same line as North Macedonia and Turkey, already eliminated.

On the other hand, there have been many sets that have taken off from the edge of the abyss when they seemed charred. Luis Enrique was metaphorical about it yesterday: “I have the feeling that we are in front of a bottle of cava about to uncork and that when it happens we will see our best version.”

Both the Asturian coach and captain Busquets, already in a position to be lined up – “it’s very good,” said the coach -, stressed over and over again the only fouls they have seen the team, “the goal” and “a pinch of luck”. The game, in his opinion, has not deserved greater self-criticism.

Having valued the immediate present – “a seven concern and a ten conviction” – Luis Enrique expressed his desire to remain in charge no matter what, despite the fact that in football “they mark the results.”

That is what Spain needs, results. The opposite would unleash a storm of incalculable dimensions.

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