La Real say goodbye with honor at Old Trafford

The Royal Society says goodbye to Europe. He has not lost a game away from home in his career, but the catastrophe of the first leg in Turin (0-4) decided the tie. There was no room for maneuver for surprise and it did not come. In spite of everything, the San Sebastian team came out wanting to dance on their return to Old Trafford, despite the fact that Imanol, who had written off the tie for amortized and left David Silva and Illarramendi in San Sebastián, more needed in other matters. And he danced for the first few minutes, handling the ball, pressing up and trying to cover the gaps in the back, where United broke him in the Turin game. You could see a team with a different air, which was able to get ahead on the scoreboard after a penalty as naive as it was clear from James to Gorosabel. Oyarzabal threw it badly, very high. It was a great time to dream, but it went into limbo.

Enraged the Real, stepped on the accelerator in the following minutes and locked up the English team. Isak couldn’t reach an Oyarzabal cross just a minute after the penalty; Guevara, a little later, launched a high shot from the front. The realistic grip, however, lasted a quarter of an hour. United roused themselves in the next few minutes and took command of the game, although without being able to display their exuberant counterattack. Combine and run was not an option.

La Real did not repeat the mistakes of the first leg and tried to equip themselves behind when the local team touched the ball, but the inspiration of Bruno Fernandes opened doors that the realistic defense closed. Although the first arrival of the red devils was from Martial, to whom Remiro, the Portuguese, privileged brain of his team, responded, propitiated the most dangerous actions, the first in a forced position shot that crashed into the crossbar, and then after perfect center that James finished off with a head for Remiro to act again effectively.

United managed to defuse Real’s attack little by little, and the ball drifted away from Henderson for the remainder of the first half. The game became more predictable, which was the best for the team that clearly ruled the tie. The game was declining, and it was not activated too much with the changes at halftime. Both Solskjaer and Imanol Alguacil refreshed the lineup with three changes each, more for practical reasons than tactics. After the development of the first half, they were more interested in the League matches next weekend than the clear outcome of the tie.

Nothing changed on the pitch at Old Trafford. United scored a goal from a corner, but it was canceled by VAR, which detected a treacherous knee from Lindelof to Jon Bautista, which opened the way for Wan-Bissaka’s shot. The two teams lost their fang to the hustle and bustle of the benches and limited themselves to letting the minutes pass without exposing themselves to risks. They signed an unwritten non-aggression pact and shepherded what was left of the second part. Real, which leaves Europe undefeated at home, weighed too much the painful image of the first leg. At least he has the memory of a zero draw in the theater of dreams.

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