Koeman: “This win is a big step towards the title”

Estupiñán against De Jong, at Villarreal-Barcelona.

At the La Cerámica stadium, the two most fit forwards of 2021 took the field: Messi and Gerard Moreno. The Argentine has participated in 32 goals (23 goals and nine assists), for the 24 (18 and six) of the Spanish. Neither of them scored in Vila-real. Third on the list is Griezmann. The Frenchman did not fail. After his two goals against the yellow team, Griezmann has been present in 22 goals (13 and nine). “Sometimes I mark; others, I attend; and if I don’t work for the team, ”said the 7th, who again shared an attack with Messi.

“I try to be there among the centrals. Ask for the ball into space and also generate spaces for my teammates. It is not my natural position, but I am proud to be at Barcelona and play with these teammates ”, added the Frenchman. In Barcelona’s last seven games, Griezmann scored six goals. “I have always been delighted with Antoine for his work. Now, his accuracy has improved as well, ”Koeman said.

The Barça coach celebrated Griezmann’s level, as he also did with De Jong’s. “It has improved a lot compared to what I had done in the Netherlands. You cannot compare the Dutch league with the Spanish one. Frenkie’s season is very good. He runs a lot, defends and has arrival. It is very important for this team ”, explained the coach after the victory against Villarreal, which leaves Barça with the same points as Madrid in second position (71), but with one game less. “It is a great step towards the title. Every victory is a step forward. Every game is difficult. We reacted well to his goal, creating chances. We were tired in the final stretch, but we defended well ”, Koeman closed.

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