Koeman looks out: “Lately I have not noticed the confidence of the club, we have not talked about the future”

Koeman: "Atlético

The coach of FC Barcelona, Ronald Koeman, has launched a bloody to the president of the club, Joan Laporta, and to the sports area by ensuring that lately has not noticed the “confidence” of the club by not talking to him about the future of the team, despite having one more year of contract, and has made it clear that he wants to fulfill it and that he is “qualified” to do so.

“In the latter part of the season I have not noticed the trust, we have not talked about the future and I have a contract. I understand that there are doubts about the latest results, but we have to talk, “the coach asked Laporta at a press conference.

Koeman claims to understand “perfectly” his situation and that at Barça you have to win, but he asks for direct communication. “I know where I am and that things have to be won. But I have always said that I have always given my face on all wheels, I have been the sole spokesperson for the club for a long time This season, you have to admit it. In the end, we did not win and if we think we need another coach and other players, perfect. But you have to communicate it“, he reiterated.

He also does not believe that some of his players have been well treated, and less with leaks to the press about possible exits. “Lately, the last month, I think you have to respect your coach more, respect our players more, because I understand that the players are touched because in recent days there are names in the press, and they don’t deserve this treatment, they deserve more respect. There are many different things to do, “he appealed.

“Really, I don’t know if I continue,” Koeman was honest. “I have not spoken more with the president, we were at that meal to talk after the season and we will surely talk after tomorrow’s game. We will see, from the first day I have said that I want to continue and I want to fulfill my contract“, he stressed.

Of course, in case of not following, it is not clear what will happen with its termination. “You don’t have to answer in advance. We are older, we love this club a lot, and in the end the president always sets the direction, in every way. Until I know what might happen, I can’t answer what will happen with my year of contract . You know me well, I love the club very much“, be sincere.

“If the club thinks that I am not the person who has to lead the team, we will talk about it and I will give my thought. Until I speak with the ‘presi’ of the subject I can not answer these questions. I’m here for the club, and of course I want to continue, but we have to talk, “he stressed.

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