Koeman explodes for his sanction: “If for saying ‘what a character’ they put you two games, if you really insult … twenty”

Koeman: "It is never too early to lead, going first is better"

Ronald Koeman He was very angry and a sarcastic point when he spoke about the sanction that they have imposed on two games after his expulsion against Granada.

The Blaugrana coach made irony in the press conference prior to the match against Valencia, a team he trained in the past, and before which he will not be able to be on the bench due to said sanction. “We are going to appeal because it is a very exaggerated sanction. For saying ‘what a character’ they give you two games; if you really insult, they give you 20 games … It’s very exaggerated, “he explained.

Barcelona have two key games in the coming days. Koeman will not be in Valencia, but if the appeal prospers, he could be in the ‘very final’ against Atlético de Madrid. If the culés win the current leader of the classification, his candidacy can win integers despite the blunder against Granada.

The culé coach is optimistic. “If we win the 5 remaining games, we will be champions,” he says. However, it does not depend on itself.

The semantics It has become the weapon that Barcelona will wield for its appeal. The RAE does not consider “character” as an insult or as contempt in any of its meanings, so they understand that the requirements are not met for Koeman to have breached article 117 of the Disciplinary Regulations of the Federation regarding referees, managers or sports authorities.

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